Friday, March 8, 2013

Piercings and Tattoos

Another fetish I have and a source of making my blood pump are piercings and tattoos. People can love or hate them as one is (semi**) permanent and the other can be taken out. I had my first piercing when I was 18 and I couldn't wait until I had them done. It was a nipple ring. I eventually had the other nipple done and then for a brief time I decided to get my septum pierced. Then finally after much thought I went I had my first tattoos done. I have always wanted more but the stigma in society and in the workplace makes for me having piercings impossible besides my hidden nipple rings. 

When it comes to piercings I feel that people have the same fascination with them as I do that they feel it's extra adornment and also it can highly affect the senses. When I got my nipples done it helped heighten my senses as I do love nipple play and they became a little more sensitive, which is good when a dom reveals the nipple clamps. It did make me more pain tolerant as when I had my nipples done it hurt just a little more than my septum which didn't not hurt at all. My attractions to skater guys or punks may be why I like piercings so much. A word of caution does come when having piercings and bondage is to watch that any of the jewelry wont get caught or pulled on as it hurts when caught on something and even worse if it was ripped out. I have had this urge lately to get one piercing, but I will say that I have not had it done because I am still scared of getting it pierced, a prince albert. I dont think it will happen, but I dont know if I will have an impulse. Being impulsive with piercings are not as bad as a tattoo as you can just remove the piercing.

Finally in 2011 I went to get my first tattoos and it took a long time to consider what tattoo I was going to place on my body. I wanted something of meaning and thats when I had my stars tattooed on my chest. I wont go into the meaning as I have posted about it before. Tattoos are hot to me and they can really add when a strong dom with tattoos comes and ties me up. It is a sense  that my dom is a badass and that he has control. This is just my perception and some people absolutely hate tattoos. It is up to an individuals taste. The one word of wisdom I could give about a tattoo is dont get it on an impulse and think it through before you get this semi permanent body art. Remember it can be removed but it will hurt and cost you a lot of money hence the semi**** permanent.

I hope my readers share the view that piercings and tattoos are hot. I know it can accentuate a scene if you think they are hot. That is if your not hooded as you wont be seeing to must unless they have a tongue ring. Now I hope you dont completely shy away from getting either of these done and maybe you have a hidden love for these two forms of body art. So don't cross these off the list and if you have them watch out I might be asking you to tie me up or tie you up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leg restraints

Mobility is a key factor in bondage by making sure ones captive does not escape or has a difficult time moving. Having the freedom of using your feet for running or fighting back can make it more challenging for a dom to properly restrain a sub. Restraining ankles is the second most important thing I usually do in bondage besides the number one most important, which is restraining the wrists. As a person can use there hands to escape more easily or fend off the doms attempts at submission. This scenario though is mostly used when you have a mischievous submissive who likes to add dimension to a session with non compliance.

There are many ways in restraining a subs ankle and each type of restraint has its specific place in the scene you create. Legcuffs, leather ankle restraints, locking hospital restraints, rope,  cellophane, and duct tape all come to mind when restraining a person. The standard and easiest type and by far the most comfortable is leather restraints and medical restraints. I particularly like a padded version because it offers comfort for long term wearing and doesn't chafe a persons skin if they are not wearing any socks or pants. Legcuffs are another good option but they do after awhile chafe the skin on the ankle and can only be used for so long in specific situations hogties and tight spread eagles. Much to my bf dismay I do like using these a lot on tying him up and be whines after a little bit because of the pressure from the cold steel. Rope, is the most versatile with tons of scenarios when binding legs. There are many different techniques that can be use when using rope and it can be quiet artful. Duct tape is good but when to tight the medial malleolus rub against each other causing pain and discomfort to the restrained. Also if you do not have protection when applying a lot of hair can be ripped off. This is why cellophane goes hand and hand with duct tape when using it as a method of restraining ankles.

All of these ways have there advantages and disadvantages but you have to plan your scene to know which one may work best for each bondage situation. I incorporate many of these different applications  of restraint into one scene as the different forms of restraint helps adding dimension and security to play. I usually go with legcuffs right away as it is a simple quick way of getting some one restrained. Then after I have subdued them I move to the leather restraints. If they are cuffed while I apply the other restraints they don't thrash around very much as they are tied and it is easier to get the leather cuffs locked on the ankles of the sub. Then I make sure I have rope or attachment read so when I uncuff the ankles they are restrained where they cannot run or move their legs much.

Leg restraints are a staple part of bondage because it is one of the quickest ways to make a sub incapacitated enough to keep them from running or fighting back. Movement is a essential way to escape and this prevents them from having full mobility or any depending on your application of restraint. So now you have to think next time what is going to be your next form of ankle restraint because we all know that a restrained feet = happy feet,  I mean happy dicks..... doms.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What defines you?

It has been another few months of procrastination on posting any updates on the blog. Now with the holiday's passing I have a little more free time to try fulfill my obligation to write something of value for the people who still reading the blog. I notice that I keep getting followers on my blog even though my lackluster nature in posting.  I have decided that my inspiration for this blog post is on receiving a recent gift.

When people read my blog it is transparent that I have many fetishes and many pieces of gear that are added to my repertoire of play. One such item that outweighs the competition in usage on my subs and the item which I like used on me most as a sub is Handcuffs. They are an advanced tool of choice in my mind because of there rigid nature and because of the fortitude of a person to endure there unforgiving nature. Pain, you may ask from handcuffs. I say ask most bondage men if they prefer to be hogtied with leather restraints or rope compared to legirons and handcuffs. Give them two hours in a hogtie with cuffs and see how they are complaining about cuff marks. Also having to be cautious in the application of handcuffs not to over tighten and watch for any circulation issues. Also handcuffs need a key to open the lock and if they jam while you better have a hacksaw and some bolt cutters. There is an eloquence in there simplicity that makes them a piece of gear that is used often and not unvalued.

I have many pairs of handcuffs ranging from the massive Clejuso 15s, to the standard police issue Smith and Wesson, the British Bobby's favorite speedcuffs, to the defunct American handcuff cuffs, and to the East German WWII handcuffs. They all added to my collection of over 19 pairs of handcuffs, 2 belly chains, 2 transport sets, and 3 pairs of legirons. Over half have been given to me by friends and by police officers which makes them even more fun to play with as most of them have a story to be told. There is one pair that I value most of all and it is not because of it story as it has a short history in my collection. It is about how this pair of cuffs has touched me because of the thought a specific person made to make them the pair I know I value the most. It is a pair of Smith and Wesson MP handcuffs with the inscription of Cuffsman10. A name I have only had for 3 years on the fetish websites but a name that has somewhat defined who I am as a kinster and person.

You may be asking who may have purchased this pair of handcuffs for me? Was it a secret admirer, a friend, or who. Well my bf of two years kinkyboinick decided to buy them for me as a Valentines Day gift. This gift is special to me not just because it is another pair of handcuffs, but he engraved them to let me know that kink encompasses a part of my life and that cuffsman10 is who I am, just as much as I am a gardner, a chef, and a amiable person.  He could of inscribed my first name or my initials but he chose to use my kink name. It may not be so profound to most just because it is something we use in the bedroom but it is something as a badge of honor and respect to me. It brings me to a better understanding of my relationship with him and with the respect I have as a kinky person. I wish to thank him for the gift and being my boyfriend. Does a piece of gear define a person or does a person define a piece of gear?

  I hope you ask yourself what gear do I define as sub or dom and what you do with this gear that can inadvertently help foster kinky peoples ideas or help advance the BDSM community. The first play session I had was with a kinkster who had a pair of handcuffs. He helped drive my ambition to try more bondage with people and made me want to get cuffed more. With these thoughts I leave you to some contemplation and hopefully an examination of ones self and the role bondage plays in their life. Remember you have the power to define ones self and the power to influence others to become a kinster and a member of the BDSM community.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Where has all the time gone since July the last time I posted. Well it has been a busy 6 months for me and I have not had time to maintain the blog. Also the amount of bondage play was drastically reduced from the pervious year where I had a lot of experiences I could share with my readers. I have had a number of fun play meeting that have happened over the last 6 months and I also attended my first MIR with my partner kinkyboinick. We just recently had our two year anniversary and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful kinkster in my life.

Unfortunately life sometimes get in the way of what we wish to do and how often we get to have great bondage experiences.  The nice thing that has happened though beyond the kinky play I had with all the bondage enthusiast I met was that I maintained a healthy relationship with these friends that did not involve just kink. I went to Chicago a number of times over the last 6 months and spent time with great kinky friends like kinkmaven, fossil9, Puptrigger, Tynan Fox, and crewbiker. Of course bondage came up in our topic of conversation, but we just had a great time over dinner or cocktails. It was nice just to be with like minded people in a real world situation that did not necessarily end up with play.

 I continued meeting people these last 6 months and maintained the friendships I have with my kinky friends. I learned though that it is not that they are kinky friends that they are true friends who have dreams, aspirations, and goals that are similar to my goals. I am very happy at where I am in my kink life and more happy that these friendships continue to grow over time.

Friday, July 20, 2012


With bondage a dom and sub have to keep in mind the safety of the scene and have to make sure that all limits are understood. Respect and trust is an important part of bondage because you are giving up your control to another and trusting your care in the person dominating you. I was not very cautious when I was young and started to explore bondage situations. All I could think about was being tied up and I did not think about the consequences of not thinking through my actions. 

One of primary functions in your search is getting to develop a rapport with the person you are going to meet. It is vital that you understand the person you are talking to and know the background so you can establish a comfort level. This way you feel like you can trust the person enough to give up control or to control.  People are very connected in the bondage community so people know people and you should use these resources to know if the person you are meeting is genuine and trustworthy. If I have a great friendship with someone and they know a play partner I want to meet they can give you the trust you need to solidify if your meeting. This is vital and make sure you give enough time before a meeting   because all to often we rush into a meeting without know anything. 

It is also important to establish limits and make sure if you are the person controlling to be up front about your safety practices. I always like when people say they will expand your limits. I am not against expanding limits if consent is given to push them. I like to be up front and blunt. Beating around the bush only leads to interpretation and it could be misconstrued to play you did not want. We all want play to be a great experience and we want to both be satisfied with the session when it is done. 

The play space must be safe as well and we need to make sure the temperature is apporiate. We have safety tools in case there is a need for quick escape. Make sure all keys are in one place and that you have two sets of keys for the locking device. Also make sure the person is not visible sick and know there headspace about gags, hoods, and communication to end play. These thing are very important to making sure safe play happens and all to often gets missed. What happens when the lock doesn't open, bolt cutters. A safety shears and cleaning of play toys are important. 

I have had some bad play periods when I was young and it was not the brightest in my bondage career, but I did learn a lot from my shortcomings. Do not underestimate safety and trust when you play with a person because when I have followed these steps I have found great friends and had awesome play experiences. These steps are easy to follow and you should put your safety a head of your sex drive. Then when the play happens your sex drive will be turned up higher knowing that your mind is at easy. 
Play safe and play hard!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Year in Review

Well the one year anniversary of my blog has come and went as it was on June 1st. Now people would expect a post and some sort of fanfare of how I made it one year. Kudos, right? That is not exactly my style of writing and I would like to start by saying why this blog became into being and give background on what makes this blog what it is or what it could become.

I have been a kinky person all my life and knew I had a spark of interest in the fetish world far before I even knew what it would entail. Hell if I knew this is where it would lead and just think it all started with one childs' pair of metal handcuffs. My feelings towards kinky continued to grow and interest other than just metal came into light in my teens. College is where I began to experience what bondage meant to me and how I grew from all the positive and negative sessions I had with my captors. I started to realize that I was not alone in my thinking when I reached out and expanded my horizons in the world of submission. I continued to meet great kinky friends who helped mentor me and guide me to be a better person and a far kinkier person.

This lead me into marrying a very kinky man in Canada, but sadly ended in divorce after 4 years. This divorce made me re-analyze how I viewed kink as kink ended in my relationship. I was not going to be limited anymore since this tragedy of a relationship loss happened. Again my thirst for sub-servitude made me meet many great guys. Also I reached more into my dominant side and began to tie people and learn from my peers about dominance and control. I always had the spunk of being a alpha and trying to fight back, but this as different as my role changed when I met Kinkyboinick who changed my life.

Now how does this all play into how a blog was started, when this is the backdrop of my own kinky story? These life events shaped my into having the will to go to IML with kinkyboinick. Thats singular event made me realize that I was proud to be part of this fetish community and I wanted to share aspects of my life story through my fetish eyes. I wanted to have a purpose of information, pleasure, friendship, and feedback. I cannot take credit for this blog but for the words that I write on its pages. the credit goes to the doms, handlers, mentors, subs, slaves and friends that have shaped me, provided the kink, natured my passions and obsessions in what is BDSM.  It is fitting this year that IML was right around the same time I started my blog and the friends are added to my list and again my fetishes have grown deeper with more of an appreciation for the art of bondage and the lifestyle of kink. I would like to thank these people for inspiring me: kinkyboinick, kinkmaven, macroshea, Divepup, skip, firebravo, Fossil9, Toil, Tynan Fox, PupTrigger, hockeyman13, WetsuitPDX, shacklekid, icecrow18, badnickie, bondagefirst, clyer, jonathanswitch, baggedup, Mplsguy, boundinrubber, csuskaterboy, footballjock, crewbiker, slarty4242, nixjohn,  subboy951, onehotboyz20, kinkyymilwaukeeguy, mtlsubboy76, NateQx, FlyboyFL,  flabound, DerrickPaul, colobondage28boy, danman1289, yngMstrDetroit, dantekorvin, and indoorsoccer. Thank you all for making me the kinky person I am today!!!!

Here is my email so you can leave personal comments about my blog and provide me with some feedback. Because after all this blog is for the people who read it and follow it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

IML/ Rope

I have never been very good at rope and my enthusiasm towards rope has never been as strong as other gear, obviously for me it is my steel gear. I think the reason why I do not like rope bondage as much is because I am not very good at knots or knowing exactly where to begin. I think it is just the lack of knowledge and makes me apprehensive to actually picking up that piece of rope. There is such eloquence in the art of rope bondage and I know it's an art that I want in my repertoire of knowledge.

I had some recent experience in rope bondage that made me realize I need to start trying more rope bondage and actually watch guys tie other submissives. The only way I am going to learn is to make some mistakes and practice. Now where did this recent experience come from it was IML. I was watching a really hot guy jonathanswitch tie up my boyfriend kinkyboinick and it dawned on me how he looked so hot tied in the rope with his latex surfsuit.  Sitting there all tied tight and no way to get out because of the latex fist mitts and sensory dep hood, but the real prison was the rope tied tight against his body.

Then it was my turn and he made sure I was tied tight as I have a reputation for being devious. He made sure that I could not wiggle out or move very much. Insertion of the gags followed because of minor talking and more pics were taken while we were held in our rope prison. Now the only way we were able to come he said was after he took the gags out. Well both of us had our hands tied behind our backs. Well it did not take long for the oral to begin. after some of that fun he let the bf out and they both started to work on me until I shot, but I did not make the deadline for cumming so I was lucky he allowed it. I am sure next tie up time I there will some retribution for not following orders. He did get me for putting nipple clamps on him though. So I hope in the future you will see more rope work from me and it may be sloppy but I know I am trying to find the technique of this art.